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Feeling helpless in OCD?
Welcome to Cromunity! India's best platform for OCD fighters

Have you ever felt lonely while battling your OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder? Or
wondered if others are fighting their individual little wars in some or the other part of the
world, just like you? Is there anyone out there who might be able to empathize with
your struggle? Do they share your agonizing emotions? Do not despair. You are not trapped alone in this whirlpool of suffering. More than 4% individuals struggle with OCD. Remember, you are not your diagnosis. You're a person with unique circumstances, personalized preferences, and distinctive aspirations. Your life experiences, your family history, and personality characteristics can trigger specific symptoms, that might appear bizarre to those around you. That is why you need someone who can empathize, understand and guide you out of your OCD and the anxiety trap it sets. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) involves uncontrollable obsessions that can lead to compulsive behaviours. In severe cases, OCD interferes with many aspects of your life, including relationships and responsibilities. We understand this and hence created a space for you to connect with each other as well as experts in the field who specialize in OCD management and are here to share their insights with you. Our video meetings, and especially the webinars by stalwarts in OCD management are an unparalleled resource that brings treatment modalities to the privacy of your home without having to spend time, effort and money seeking experts outside. You also get a sense of support being amongst a group of people who share the same dilemma: “Why me?” “Why I am the only one suffering from OCD and anxiety”. Cromunity is here to remind you time and again, that you are not alone and you do not have to fight this battle all by yourself. Join Cromunity and benefit from an environment that opens up a whole new world of information and support, and helps you in making your OCD treatment journey easy.

(If you are troubled by intrusive religious thoughts)

(If you are troubled by intrusive cleanliness thoughts)

(If you have sex and sexuality related OCD)

(If you have any other OCD or combination variety of OCD)

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Please complete the form to join the OCD Community

OCD support groups offer people an opportunity to have regular interactions with other people living with this illness. These interactions are a safe space where people with similar experiences can support each other. This helps reduce the feeling of loneliness and creates a sense of community.

How does it work?


Ask anything related to OCD in the group anytime


Select the groups on the basis of your OCD

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Exchange ideas about the treatment of OCD and about what is working best for others


Share emotional and informational support with Peers.

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Get early bird access to OCD Treatment Workshops and Podcasts by Cromunity


Make a better decision on your OCD treatment by learning from others Experience

1000s of OCD fighters trust us

More than 10 informative podcasts with OCD experts

6+ OCD Communities

Collaboration with famous mental health content creators

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1000+ OCD fighters have joined us


Fighting OCD is already hard but fighting it alone makes it harder. The Communities by Cromunity offers you the support, enrichment and empowerment that you need.


It’s not always easy to get the right support. The internet offers an ocean of options of professionals, as well as self-help techniques for OCD. In a community like Cromunity, you get firsthand information on successes and failures, struggles and accomplishments; as well as meaningful questions with actionable answers. Learn from the experiences of others like you and take smarter steps towards your OCD treatment.


The highest mountains are climbed one step at a time. Take the right step today. Join Cromunity!

  • What is Religious OCD ?
    Religious obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of OCD wherein the person obsesses over spiritual fears. It often involves religious compulsions such as excessive praying or visiting temples or performing rituals. For example, someone might worry that if they get a blasphemous thought, then they are going to hell and they might have to repeat a mantra to cope with this fear and believe that they might be forgiven.
  • What is Contamination OCD ?
    Contamination OCD is a very common OCD subtype in which a person obsesses over germs in the environment, contracting an illness or spreading germs to others. These intrusive thoughts cause the person serious anxiety and distress, which they try to relieve with compulsive behavior like excessive handwashing, long baths (sometimes many hours too) or avoiding crowded spaces completely to prevent getting infected or infested.
  • What is Sexual OCD ?
    This is characterized by recurrent and repugnant intrusive sexual thoughts. These are involuntary and can cause extreme distress. The sufferers experience an extreme degree of shame, guilt, and remorse; causing them to label themselves deviant and repulsive. The end result is often extreme sadness, hopelessness and depression.
  • What Is Pure OCD ?
    Pure obsessional obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a subtype that is characterized by intrusive thoughts, images or urges without any actionable physical compulsions. Pure OCD differs slightly from other types of OCD because the compulsions primarily take place in a person's head rather than actions. These mental acts are also called mental rituals.
  • Is this community safe ?
    Yes, this is an absolutely safe and private community. We created Cromunity, keeping OCD fighters in mind. We don't have any other entries for participants on this platform. If we notice that people on the group are not genuinely battling OCD, we politely request them to leave the group.
  • Why Do i need to sign up to join the community ?
    Signing up in the cromunity is important to allow only right people to the community and it also helps you to get updates on our webinars, workshops and other OCD related help.
  • What about my privacy ?
    Yes, we take privacy very seriously on this platform. Your information is absolutely confidential. We do not share your information with anybody else. We actually don't even ask for your name or address. You can be absolutely sure and comfortable about joining this community anonymously.
  • What Does 'other OCD' group mean ?
    Other OCD group is a combined group of all the type of OCD's. If you donot find the group of your Specific OCD then you must join "Other OCD group"
  • How does joining a community can help me ?
    Online communities are safe and private spaces where you can share your concerns, learn from the experiences of like-minded people, and develop a sense of connection and communication with others. OCD support groups can offer you an opportunity to attend regular meetings with other people who are battling an illness identical to yours. These meetings are a safe space where people with similar experiences are able to support each other. This reduces the feelings of loneliness and establishes a sense of community. It also enhances emotional wellness and improves your chances of healing and recovery.
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